CannaPortugal 2025

III International Hemp & Cannabis Expo

7th - 10th May 2025

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III International Hemp and Cannabis Expo

2025 World CBD Awards Venue

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Portuguese Riviera, Casino Estoril stands as a glittering testament to glamour, entertainment, and timeless allure. Renowned as Europe’s largest casino, this iconic establishment has been captivating visitors since its grand opening in 1931, weaving together a rich tapestry of history, culture, and thrilling experiences.

The allure of Casino Estoril extends beyond its gaming halls and stages. The sprawling gardens, meticulously landscaped with exotic plants and fountains, provide an enchanting escape for guests. Whether strolling through the lush greenery or enjoying a refreshing drink on the terrace, the gardens offer a serene retreat amidst the buzz of the casino.

Steeped in history, Casino Estoril also holds a unique place in popular culture. It served as the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond novel, “Casino Royale,” adding an extra layer of mystique to its legacy.

Fiartil Park in Estoril, located directly in front of Casino Estoril, has been selected as the venue to showcase the latest innovations, projects, products, and related services in the cannabis industry. This versatile space provides a welcoming environment for the CannaPortugal B2B Program, the Exhibition Hall, Workshops, the Hemp Fashion Show, Cannabis Food Corner, and trade shows focused on cannabis cultivation, processing, marketing, and sales. 

With its scenic backdrop and professional facilities, Fiartil Park offers a unique platform where industry professionals can network, share knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in cannabis research and technology. It serves as a crucial hub for fostering collaboration and driving growth within the cannabis sector in Estoril and beyond.

Event Schedule

Day 1 (May 7, 2025 - Wednesday)

Conference, Networking &
III CannaPortugal Global Cannabis Awards

Unlock a wealth of knowledge at the conference as influential key speakers within the industry take the stage. This day is dedicated to absorbing insights from these thought leaders, providing a unique opportunity to learn from their expertise. Engage in dynamic discussions, expand your network, and connect with like-minded individuals, making this conference a pivotal moment for gaining valuable insights and building meaningful relationships within the industry.In addition, we will host the Ceremony of the III CannaPortugal Global Cannabis Awards, an event that distinguishes the best in the cannabis sector around the world at the Casino Estoril. (Auditorium).

Day 2 (May 8, 2025 - Thursday)

Meet & Greet / Gala & World CBD Awards

Immerse yourself in a casual networking experience at the Red Carpet Meet and Greet. Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with refreshing drinks and delectable canapés, setting the stage for initial introductions and conversations. The World CBD Awards offer an exclusive VIP experience, encompassing a black-tie gala dinner, networking opportunities, a dazzling red carpet affair, live media coverage, insightful interviews, and a distinguished awards ceremony, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and joy. Immerse yourself in the excitement of live entertainment, ensuring a night filled with unforgettable moments for all attendees.

Day 3 & 4 (May 8 & 9, 2025 - Friday & Saturday)

CannaPortugal Expo and Hemp Fest

Join us for two days of excitement at CannaPortugal! Experience immersive networking, innovative expo stalls, educational workshops, the Hemp Fashion Show, the Cannabis Food Court, and the IV Enthronement of the Confraria Internacional Cannabis Portugal. Hempfest adds vibrancy with diverse hemp products, cultural festivities, educational sessions, and live music. Don’t miss out on this dynamic celebration at Fiartil Estoril.

Discover the Future of Cannabis with CannaPortugal

Besides the Global Cannabis Awards and the panel on Regenerative Cannabis and Sustainable Futures at the Casino Estoril Auditorium, CannaPortugal offers a vibrant Exhibition Hall at Fiartil Park.

Enjoy innovative products, inspiring workshops, and delicious cuisine with cannabis touches. Additionally, we’ll have a Sustainable Hemp Fashion Show and the Enthronement of the International Cannabis Portugal Brotherhood.

This exclusive event offers networking, learning, and growth opportunities in a glamorous and naturally beautiful environment.

Join us and be part of this green revolution!

World CBD Awards

The World CBD Awards, a global pinnacle in CBD excellence, honours outstanding contributions, innovations, and advancements in the industry. This dynamic event showcases exceptional products, visionary leaders, and various CBD aspects, emphasizing product innovation, sustainability, and quality.

Distinguished by its commitment to high industry standards, the awards employ rigorous evaluations and expert judging panels. Beyond recognition, the event fosters networking and collaboration, providing a vibrant atmosphere for knowledge-sharing and the exploration of cutting-edge products.

As a global influencer, the World CBD Awards shapes and elevates the CBD landscape. Whether you’re a brand seeking recognition, a consumer in pursuit of top-quality CBD, or an industry professional aiming to connect, this event offers an unparalleled experience, propelling the industry to new heights.

NOMINATE NOW! – it’s absolutely free! and if you progress to the to the finals you will receive two VIP tickets for the full event.

Join the HempFest program!

This is your chance to reignite your passion for activism while listening to expert speakers from different parts of the world.

Additionally, enjoy inspirational music performances as you indulge in a variety of cannabis-infused culinary delights and explore an array of exhibitor booths showcasing the latest innovations in the hemp and cannabis industry.


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